By Colonel Craig L. Carlson, USA, Retired

Donald Trump is not the evil man defined by the liberal press. Fear sells and is used to manipulate the base of the party. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he will amaze us.

The US election reveals what happens when an administration overreaches on its agenda. Obama and the progressive democrats had gotten so far ahead of their skis that they had no balance with the majority of the American population. Their message became, “Our way or the highway.” That attitude and the mocking of anyone that didn’t agree with their view of the world was a stop sign to the Americans they had no respect for. The abuse of executive orders to work around Congress grated on the nerves of the majority as dictatorial and Americans don’t like that.

The fact the Obamacare (healthcare) expense was causing people to choose to opt out of healthcare and pay the penalties… after the program was described as a system where you could keep your doctor and it would cost less, exposed the great lies right before the election. The democrats had voted unanimously, with no republican support, to pass Obamacare… without even reading the bill. Meanwhile, the backlash on the republican party that had demonstrated no courage to stop any of Obama’s efforts to redistribute wealth or reign in his minions that were politically weaponizing the Internal Revenue Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Justice resulted in Donald Trump being elected.

This administration has exposed the corruption of both parties and the media. It reached a tipping point where Americans said, “Enough!”

Hillary Clinton was perhaps the most flawed candidate in the history of US presidential elections. Even with a compliant press corp that fawned over her and refused to investigate the many scandals involving emails, pay for play, the Clinton Foundation, or dirty tricks, she lost due to her untrustworthiness and has nobody to blame but herself. If she had not made bad decisions or been so arrogant there would be no FBI investigations or Wikileaks to reveal her depth of corruption.

The world trembles at the thought of Donald Trump becoming president; however, the potential for positive results are very high. America has been demonstrating weakness since 2008 and the world is on fire. Iran is probably about to achieve the bomb, terrorism has spread like a wild fire, North Korea has become more belligerent, Russia has become expansionist, Turkey has fallen into dictatorship, China is becoming more bellicose, our Allies question our resolve, and more Americans are outside the workforce than anytime since the Great Depression. It would appear there is a rich environment for positive gains both internationally and domestically. Hardly anywhere to go but up.

Since the election, stock market gains have been record setting and the US dollar is stronger than it has been in a decade. The US military will have to be rebuilt, infrastructure needs attention, and corporate tax rates will be lowered. All of this will be job creating for America. Investment will follow the lower tax rates in the US making it more competitive internationally.

The fear of Trump has been caused, in large part, by the over-reach of the press. I cannot think of a candidate that has been more maligned in my lifetime. The American people basically revolted against the biased press and the political elite to elect an outsider. The loss of faith in the political elite in both parties has turned American politics on its head.

The republican party has finally rallied around President Elect Trump. His election was a mandate and the party has gained between 350 and 375 seats nationally this year. The republicans kept the House of Representatives and the Senate. The loss to the democrats is stunning as well as devastating. To underline the point, thirty three of the fifty states now have republican governors.

You ask, how could this watershed event occur without being detected by the media? The unfortunate answer is that the press decided who they wanted to win and refused to report the facts.

Donald Trump is not the evil man defined by the liberal press. Fear sells and is used to manipulate the base of the party. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he will amaze us.

craig Colonel Craig L. Carlson, USA, Retired