“All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide,” associate professor of politics and global studies George Ciccariello-Maher wrote on Christmas Eve.

He then wrote on Sunday: “To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian revolution, that was a good thing indeed.” His tweets are not public, or at least weren’t as of Monday morning. It is public, though, that he has over 10,000 followers and has tweeted over 16,000 times.

Ciccariello-Maher teaches in Drexel’s Department of History and Politics. His bio on Drexel’s website says he is “an expert and frequent media commentator on social movements, particularly in Latin America” who also “teaches, researches and writes about race, racism, prisons and policing in the U.S. and internationally, including how race is associated with suspicion and guilt.” (Check here to read the whole article by Jonathan Tannenwald and Inga Saffron)

Self-explanatory, neither Tweeter, nor Drexel University considered his statements hate speech.  Moreover, some of his students and colleagues vocally supported him claiming that he is just practicing his “academic freedom” and “freedom of speech”.

As for me, I personally believe that such a racist bigot cannot be a professor anywhere and should be taken to court for hate speech. But, self-explanatory, that will never happen in our rotten world.