Steven Blaney (Conservative party of Canada)

Did you know that the federal government spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on direct and indirect subsidies to universities?

Unfortunately, this money is constantly being misused by university administrators to censor students and faculty and push a socio-political, left wing agenda.

Universities used to be bastions of free speech. Alas, not anymore…

I remember in my campus days when we could discuss important issues in a respectful way without being the targets of harassment and violence.

Somehow, we were not “triggered” when faced with an opinion with disagreed with.

Somehow, I was not traumatized and I survived just fine.

We all remember when conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter was prevented from speaking at the University of Ottawa in 2010.

Or just recently when Professor Jordan Peterson’s event at McMaster University was abruptly interrupted by a large crowd of protesters who prevented him from speaking.

Whether or not we agree with these people, we must respect their right to free speech.

Universities should not use public funds to push their socio-political agenda.

We must prevent universities from becoming tools for propaganda.