When Canadian soldiers risked their lives to fight terrorism in Afghanistan, a small group of brave Afghans served as interpreters alongside them.

Karim Amiry was one of them. He was at risk with our troops and is now at risk from the Taliban for his work for Canada. Under our Conservative government, we resettled Afghan interpreters who served with our troops.

I recently reached out to the Liberal Immigration Minister asking him to use his power to help Mr. Amiry. In fact, I hand delivered my letter to him on the floor of the House of Commons.  Because even though I am running for Leader, I still fight for issues I believe in every day.

The Liberal Minister’s response was a total disappointment…

Justin Trudeau is allowing people to abuse our immigration and refugee system by illegally crossing our border. They jump to the front of the line ahead of real refugees in danger like Mr. Amiry.

by Erin O’ Toole / 17.04.2017


About the author:  

Erin Michael O’Toole, PC CD MP is a Canadian politician, who was elected to the House of Commons of Canada in a by-election on November 26, 2012. A member of the Conservative Party of Canada, he represents the electoral district of Durham.